Runner Duck aga hobb pad

Runner Duck Circular Aga Hobb covers

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These lovely hob covers are great for keeping your prized AGA clean and scratch-free. They are also effective at keeping the heat in. The ideal gift for AGA loving friends and family. They are also available in penguin, cockerels, pelican and a robin too.

Please note they are sold as singles so if you would like a pair don't forget to order two!

They will protect the shiny stainless steel lids on your AGA hobs. We don't recommend placing piping hot pans directly onto the cover - they are not 'heat stands!'

  • 100% natural cotton fabric
  • Polyfibre inner
  • Terry towelling base
  • Black / natural cotton piping around edge
  • Circular
  • Machine Washable
  • 36 cm diameter
  • Sold as singles
  • Loop to put round the handle to hold in place
  • Free shipping in the UK