Cockerel Herk Circular Aga / Chef pads
Cockerel Herk Circular Aga / Chef pads
Chef pad with cockerel

Cockerel Herk Circular Aga / Chef pads

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These lovely hob covers are great for keeping your prized AGA clean and scratch-free. They are also effective at keeping the heat in as well as looking super smart with the black edge!

  • 100% natural cotton fabric
  • Polyfibre inner
  • Terry towelling base
  • Black piping around edge
  • Machine Washable
  • 36 cm diameter
  • Sold as singles
  • Loop to put round the handle to hold in place
  • Made in England

The ideal gift for AGA range cooking loving friends and family. They will protect the shiny stainless steel lids on your AGA hobs. We don't recommend placing piping hot pans directly onto the cover - they are not 'heatstands!'

They have a loop to hold them in position that goes round the handle so as not to slip to the back then the top is raised.

They are sold as singles, but we think this design makes a great pair with Edward Design Hob cover so we have put an option to buy them together below.